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Following on from our previous blog, We’re with you every step of the way!, the appetite to help and engage with RoSPA Awards Entrants extends to the whole RoSPA Health & Safety Awards team.

We caught up with two more

Improving Patient Care Through Technology Orchestration

As healthcare shifts towards a more patient-centric approach, health providers across the world are looking for innovative ways to enhance the patient care journey. The infusion of software solutions into the healthcare industry has helped providers improve the overall patient

Advanced Rock-Climbing Moves to Try – PHE America

(2 Minute Read)

If you are a climbing wall instructor or physical educator with climbing as part of your program, you know firsthand that some people are natural climbers. They instinctively put their bodies in the optimal positions to get

Ultra-Processed Foods May Impair Cognition in Elderly

Processed or ultra-processed?

An article earlier this year in the European Journal of Nutrition reported that high consumption of ultra-processed foods is linked to worse-than-average performance on one particular test of cognitive function in older US adults (60+ years-old) who

A Playbook for Success – PHE America

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Education and especially scholastic sports have undergone significant shifts over the last twenty years. The last few years of the pandemic have sped up this process and shown us the great value sports can have on a student’s entire life